[fr]Processus d’élection 2015
Election Process 2015

IAEVG Elections 2015***The election is from 1st to 31st of July***


Call for Board Nominations In September 2015

IAEVG will have its four yearly General Assembly alongside the IAEVG International Conference 2015, which will take place in Tsukuba, JAPAN, September 18th-21st, 2015. At this meeting the current Board of IAEVG will hand over responsibilities to the newly elected Board. IAEVG introduced a new electronic method of electing the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in 2007 and this will again be the election process used in 2015. 


What is the process? 1.) Elections take place prior to the General Assembly.2.) The ballot is prepared and takes place (for most members) electronically, i.e. via the IAEVG website. Voting by post is possible only by request, in advance, from the IAEVG Administrative Centre.3.) Only members whose fees are paid in full by 1st April 2015 will be eligible to vote.4.) Members vote in a two stage voting process on one ballot sheet, firstly for the 13 members of the Board and on the same ballot sheet they are asked to indicate, with a second cross in a different column, their 6 preferred members of the Executive Committee.5.) To be elected to the Executive these candidates must also receive 40% yes votes for the Board.6.) From the candidates for the positions of President and the 3 Vice Presidents the candidate who receives the most votes will be offered the position of President, the 3 next candidates with the highest number of votes will become the Vice Presidents.7.) In the case of a tie with equal numbers of votes for a position in Board or Executive, a second ballot during the conference and prior to the General Assembly will be prepared.8.) All information about voting procedure are plubished on the IAEVG website : www.iaevg.org 


What you need to know about Candidature? • Any individual member can be nominated for each position on the Board and/or Executive or can nominate themselves. Their membership fee has to be paid for the current year by 1st April 2015.• Candidates, who are eligible for nomination by virtue of their membership in an organization or Association, must have their nomination filed by the organisation or Association, which holds membership of IAEVG and has paid their membership fee for the current year by 1st April 2015.• Nominations can be sent to the IAEVG Administration Center at election@iaevg.org together with a candidates CV, from 1st November 2014 to 1st April 2015. This is to ensure that the Association has a final list of candidates at least ninety (90) days in advance of the General Assembly.


What are the tasks and duties of a member of Board or Executive Committee?

The term of office for both the Board and Executive is four (4) years. The Board consists of the 6 members of the Executive Committee and 7 additional members who normally meet once a year. However more than just participation in this meeting is expected. The Board has to govern and grow the Association, take action to implement the resolutions of the General Assembly, operate within the framework of the Policies and Strategy of the Association, arrange the annual programme, examine and approve the preceding years report and budget and determine the amount of the membership fee. Communication between Board and Executive members is usually by email. Active engagement and practical participation in the support and management of the Association, are expected from well motivated candidates, who are willing to give their time freely and who are able to contribute actively to the progress and activities of IAEVG. 

The Executive Committee consists of the President, 3 Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary General. It conducts the strategic business and some operational and administrative tasks of the Association, in co-operation with and under the overarching supervision of the Board. The Executive is supported by the IAEVG Administrative Centre in Ottawa, Canada and this group work closely together as a team, where networking and ongoing communication are extremely important. The President’s role is to provide leadership to the organisation, to chair the meetings and to represent the Association internationally. As well as the teamwork approach outlined above Vice Presidents will be expected to accept further specific roles and responsibilities. for each of the three Vice Presidents. The responsibility of the Treasurer for solid financial management and accurate accounting of the Association and the important administrative and communicative role of the Secretary General are evident but job descriptions are available on request. 

As the President of IAEVG I would like to invite applications from interested and active members, who are willing to engage cooperatively on the Board or Executive Committees and who are keen to bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the work of IAEVG, the world’s unique Association of guidance practitioners. IAEVG expects that every candidate will do the best they can in her /his capacity to ensure a prosperous future for our Association. 


Lester Oakes, IAEVG President, September 2014


Board member + President/Vice-President pool

Board member

Board member + Treasurer

Board Member +  Secretary General