Catégories de membres


 L’AIOSP compte plusieurs catégories de membres. Vous pouvez obtenir un formulaire d’adhésion en cliquant d’abord sur la catégorie de membres, puis en faisant imprimer le formulaire. 
Particuliers : Conseillers d’orientation et autres professionnels qui s’intéressent à l’orientation scolaire et professionnelle.
Associations : Associations nationales ou régionales de conseillers d’orientation ou associations qui ont parmi leurs objectifs l’orientation scolaire et professionnelle. 
Affiliés : ministères, institutions et organisations actifs dans le domaine de l’orientation scolaire et professionnelle. 
Les membres de l’AIOSP viennent d’environ 60 pays et de tous les continents. Vous voulez devenir membre? Vous pouvez obtenir de l’information en communiquant avec le Centre administratif de l’AIOSP, la Fondation canadienne pour le développement de carrière: membership@iaevg.org 
Cliquez ici pour visualiser le formulaire d’adhésion  puis le télécharger ou l’imprimer: Formulaire


Types of Members


Membership in IAEVG falls into several categories. Membership application forms may be printed from by first clicking on the type of membership, and then printing the application form.


Individual Members: guidance counsellors or any other professional person concerned with educational and vocational guidance.


Association Members: National or regional associations of guidance counsellors or associations whose aims involve educational and vocational guidance.


Supportive Members: ministries, institutions and organizations active in the field of educational and vocational guidance. 


IAEVG has members in some 60 countries, on all continents. Membership Application


Form and Instructions for Payment: Form 


Why Joining IAEVG The International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) is a vibrant global professional community with a proud history spanning more than 50 years.  With over 16,000 members from 53 countries in six continents, it is the only international association for career and educational guidance practitioners and practitioner associations.  A global career guidance community Joining IAEVG provides you/your association with: 


  • The opportunity to learn from and develop valuable relationships with colleagues/other national associations in the international career and educational guidance community.

  • Three issues per year of the IAEVG newsletter, produced in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.  A copy of the most recent edition is attached.

  • Electronic access to three editions per year of the professional journal “International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance”.

  • Discounted registration at IAEVG endorsed international conferences around the world.

  • The power to influence the shape of the Association through nominating and voting for members of the Board and Executive.

In addition, your membership enables you to actively contribute to your profession internationally by

  • Submitting articles for the IAEVG newsletter and journal and/or presenting at IAEVG endorsed conferences.  Not only can you share your country’s developments in career guidance with fellow international members, but this is also an effective way of raising your individual or association’s profile in the international professional community.

  • Contributing to the wider agendas of IAEVG through nomination for office.

  • Supporting efforts to promote the role of career and educational guidance with key international bodies such as UNESCO, ILO, the World Association of Public Employment Agencies (WAPES) and the Council of Europe (COE).

  • Supporting efforts to foster career and educational guidance in developing countries.

 IAEVG is almost entirely funded by membership subscriptions.  Therefore, we strive to ensure that members receive excellent value for their investment, together with promoting the voice of career and educational guidance internationally on behalf of us all. 

For membership information please contact the IAEVG Administration Center: membership@iaevg.org