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In 1999, the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) began the development of a set of international competencies that practitioners need in order to provide quality educational and vocational guidance services. The set of competencies were validated with a pool of 700 practitioners working in a variety of different jobs, in 38 countries. These competencies were adopted by the General Assembly in September, 2003. Core Competencies


  1. Demonstrate ethical behavior and professional conduct in the fulfillment of roles and responsibilities
  2. Demonstrate advocacy and leadership in advancing clients learning, career development and personal concerns
  3. Demonstrate awareness and appreciation of clients’ cultural differences to interact effectively with all populations
  4. Integrate theory and research into practice in guidance, career development, counseling, and consultation
  5. Skills to design, implement and evaluate guidance and counselling programs and interventions
  6. Demonstrate awareness of his/her own capacity and limitations
  7. Ability to communicate effectively with colleague or clients, using the appropriate level of language
  8. Knowledge of updated information on educational, training, employment trends, labor market, and social issues
  9. Social and cross-cultural sensitiveness
  10. Skills to cooperate effectively in a team of professionals
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of lifelong career development process

 Specialized Competencies

  1. Assessment
  2. Educational Guidance
  3. Career Development
  4. Counselling
  5. Information Management
  6. Consultation and Coordination
  7. Research and Evaluation
  8. Program/Service Management
  9. Community Capacity Building
  10. Placement

Click here to download the  Competencies document 

The Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner (EVGP) credential grew out of these competencies as means for individuals to document their education and experience in educational and vocational guidance. To obtain the EVGP, practitioners need to demonstrate competence in all of the Core Competencies and at least one area of Specialized Competencies. The EVGP Certificate clearly indicates that the person named has achieved satisfactory mastery of the Core Competencies and lists all of the areas of Specialized Competencies that a person has obtained. The EVGP will be of primary benefit to three groups of people:


  1. Practitioners who want to document their mastery of the competencies needed to offer services related to educational and vocational guidance.  For a detailed description of the application process, click here to download: EVGP Application Process for Practitioner: A step-by-step guide for practitioners

    Click here to obtain the application form

  1. Trainers or training organizations interested in having their programs pre-approved by IAEVG may contact the IAEVG Administration Centre at evgp@iaevg.org.

  • To date, the following training programs and courses have been pre-approved

Life Strategies

Canadian Career Development Foundation

Life Role Development Group / Alberta Works



  1. Professional associations are welcome to use the EVGP as a basis for certification in their home locale. Details for establishing a mechanism to do this are available from the IAEVG Administrative Centre, evgp@iaevg.org.