[fr]Guidance Perspectives Around the World (GPAW)
Guidance Perspectives Around the World (GPAW)

 Guidance Perspectives Around the World (GPAW) is an electronic (no paper) publication placed on the IAEVG website to be accessed by the general public (i.e., not in the members only section of the website). GPAW will allow all members of the association to communicate in their native language, breaking news of interest in the guidance field of each member country, to submit book reviews of recent publications, express personal opinions on matters of interest to guidance professionals, and also publish short papers of no more than four pages (normally 4 pages or less) to obtain feedback on new ideas or stimulate thinking about alternative perspectives. GPAW will not be formally peer reviewed publication, however, all submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board and the editor will work with authors to make sure the articles posted are of high quality and appropriate for this forum. Normally, submissions are expected to be ready for posting within 2 months of the initial submission. Submission could be sent to: juliogonzalez47@gmail.com