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“Guidance: Building answers to complex social problems”

Promoting Equity through Guidance and Counseling. Reflection, Action, Impact.

Restructuring Careers Over Unexpected Powerful Forces – General Assembly

450 participants; 40 countries

At the intersection of personal, community and worklife realities

1250 participants, 40 countries

Careers guidance: a universal human right – or a citizen’s right?

850 participants; 40 countries

Career Guidance for Social Justice, Prosperity and Sustainable Employment

500 participants; 50 countries

Conference and General assembly

500 participants; 30 countries

433 participants; 31 countries

International symposium AIOSP-SVP-NCDA

461 participants; 12 countries

Light and Dark Times – The Value of Career Guidance in an Economic Crisis

370 participants; 12 countries

Conference and General assembly

700 participants; 30 countries

International symposiumAIOSP-SVP-NCDA

150 participants

270 participants; 19 countries

International symposium AIOSP-NCDA

120 participants; 34 countries

Conference and General assembly

760 participants; 56 countries

Conference and General assembly